Okay yes, I’m reading “Becoming Sister Wives.” Don’t judge. I actually kind of like them. They seem pretty normal, minus the whole polygamist thing and their children seem well behaved. I’m not going to go out and find Ron a second wife or anything, but I like them. I also like the Duggars but in no way do I plan to have 19 children. If it works for them, more power to ’em. And, perhaps more importantly, next week is Food for Fines week at the library. Very important for those of us who somehow accumulate library fines. Since the lady informed me today that I owe $8.50, it looks like I’ll be buying some extra canned goods at the grocery store this week. I really wish they didn’t say it with such pity though. “You have fines.” It’s not like I knocked over a liquor store. I forgot to bring a book, or several, back on time. I get it. I’ll do better and until then, the local food bank will benefit from my inability to return a book on time.


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