Ron is feeling much better today, thank goodness, so we decided to spend the day in Charleston. We hit up some outlets near our hotel and then went into town to the market, King Street and the waterfront. I absolutely love Charleston, so I was excited that we got to spend more time there. It really is such an amazing place and probably my favorite. We also ended up walking around much of the town in search of a dog bakery. Buddy loves the fancy dog biscuits. We couldn’t find one. There used to be one on John Street, but it closed down. We were able to find him some Puppy Crack–dog treats made in Charleston and sold in various gift shops. I’m sure he’ll love them and best of all, if he gets too hooked we can probably order some online. After spending the day in Charleston, we headed to Florence and had dinner. Now we’re hanging out in the hotel and will continue home in the morning. I’m ready to go home, but I’m not excited for the weather. It was hot in Charleston and it was 83 when we arrived in Florence. After dinner, the temperature had dropped to 71. It’s supposed to be in the 50’s tomorrow at home. Whoosh. I’m praying for safe travels home and maybe a warm front as well 🙂

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