Today was spent in Belize! I heard all of these horror stories about Belize, but it was actually pretty nice. We took an excursion to Rendezvous Cay, a small (man-made I think) island where we could snorkel, kayak, swim, etc. I chose not to snorkel because when we did it last year in Grand Turk, I really couldn’t see a whole lot. My mask fogged up and it was kind of a mess, so I chose to bail on it this time. However, Ron did it and he loved it. Afterwards, he joined me on the beach and we hung out until it was time for the boat to take us back. From there we got back on another smaller boat and headed into Belize City. We shopped around the port for a while, checking out all the handmade goods and crazy fake Coach bags. Ron got some chicken tacos from a bar and grill and I got Belizean Coca-Cola. Amazing! All of the coke products in the Caribbean are made by Caribbean Coca-Cola and they use real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. Why we don’t do that in the states I’ll never know. It tastes better and it has to be better for you since basically all sugar substitutes are chemicals (sorry Corn Growers of America). Plus, we’ve noticed all the cigarette cartons here have huge messages on them about the negative effects of smoking. They say things like “Smoking kills” and “Smoking lowers oxygen in the blood and causes impotence.” I kind of love it, since I’m anti-smoking. Having been in a family affected by cancer which just happened with no real causes, I can’t understand why someone would do something knowing what it causes. It seems ignorant. I really hope a similar campaign/regulation comes to the U.S. and if it brought Caribbean Coke with it it wouldn’t hurt.


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