Since today was a sea day, Ron and I were up early and spent the day on the deck lounging, watching the weird contests (hairy men, champagne bottle ring toss, etc.), read a little (I my book and Ron his CPA study guide) and got plenty of sun. Tonight was elegant night, so after being on the deck all day we got cleaned up and headed off to dinner. I should mention that elegant night is by far my favorite night on any cruise, especially the first elegant night (there are usually two). The first elegant night of the cruise is always lobster night and I love lobster. It was amazing and I also tried something new—alligator fritters. They were good, but not like a chicken tender. Actually, it reminded me more of a potato pancake inside, but a chicken tenderish ball on the outside. I know that’s not selling it very well, but it was good, just too many peppers for my liking. After dinner, we hit up a comedy show and now it’s off to bed because we’ll be in Cozumel tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “272.365.2

  1. gold account says:

    I am not positive but I think the Elegant nights are on nights 2 and 6. The first elegant night serves lobster and shrimp, prime rib and a couple other great foods. Not sure what is served on 2nd elegant night. If you search for new carnival diner menu there is a wonderful person out there that goes by zydecocruiser who list the entire 7 night menu as well as pictures for all of the food. Can someone correct me if I am wrong about which nights are elegant pls.

    • graciehart1 says:

      On the Carnival Dream last week, which was a Saturday-Saturday cruise, the first elegant night was the second night (a sea day) which was lobster night (my favorite). The next elegant night was on the sixth night (Costa Maya). I can’t remember exactly what was served. I’m sure I have a picture of it somewhere, but I think the appetizer I chose was the crab cake. It was pretty amazing, possibly the best crab cake I’ve ever had. I think maybe the entree might have been the jumbo tiger shrimp. If you follow John Heald on facebook or visit his blog, johnhealdsblog.com, he occasionally posts the menus, along with recipes and other behind the scenes type info.

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