The sunset at dinner was pretty amazing, but dinner itself was a little crazy. The food was good, but the waitress had her crazy pants on. She was younger, probably mid-20s, but she wasn’t nice. She was never flat out rude but she didn’t smile or seem to have any personality. That’s not great, but still tip-able. Then when it came time for me to get a box, she boxed up fish with a ton of juice sloshing the whole thing in the box. Still not great, but tip-able. Then she proceeded to repeatedly slam the plate into the box holding it sideways basically beating the fish Tomlin death like she was trying to get something off the plate that wasn’t there. The fish juice, which was probably butter with lemon juice, splattered everywhere– on the table, on Ron’s shirt. She said “Sorry. I’ll let you box up the rest.” I’m not usually one to get too mad about bad service, but it was all I could do to keep from beating the Buffy down in the middle of the restaurant. Not wanting her to even have the ability to mess with my card, she got cash for our bill–$32 for a $31.99 bill. I hate not tipping, but that’s better than throwing the fish at her and going WWE on her ass in the middle of a crowded restaurant, right? We told the manager how crazy she was and funny, he didn’t seem surprised, but he also didn’t try to fix it. He said he’ll “talk” to her. I wouldn’t say I’m overly confident in that. I’m guessing going Chyna on her would have had more of a result. Review for dinner: food great, Charissa crazy.


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