I had to shoot Constitution Day at Montpelier today. James and Dolley arrived by horse drawn carriage in front of the mansion to much fanfare. Honestly, I’m not sure that they actually took the entire trip in the horse drawn carriage considering they passed me on a golf cart 10 minutes before “arriving.” That’ll be my little secret though. I’ll be sure to leave that out of the caption. After work I met up with my mom and went to a local pet expo. They had all sorts of pet-related items and some crazy animals–gigantic snakes, rabbits, chickens, llamas, pigs, etc. I was looking for a new collar for Buddy, but I wasn’t able to find one I liked. He did get some swag though. Mom bought him a Redskins handkerchief/bandana that he loves. He was rocking it all night.


One thought on “264.365.2

  1. silver account says:

    Last weekend we went to downtown Charleston. We went to the historical part and Rachel loved seeing the horse drawn carriages. Aunt Judy went with her to pet one of the horses.Rachel loves animals.

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