Really?!? I watch LOGO, which is a channel geared towards lesbian and gay individuals, but which also happens to show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” episodes–the reason I watch it. Anyway, while watching Buffy tonight, they kept showing this commercial which is actually kind of shocking. The ad is for http://www.gayorbitz.com and it features a man dressed in drag who explains that when he travels his hotels are typically crappy until he started using GayOrbitz. “Gay men pick out the best hotels. I just trust them,” he says. I have to admit I was pretty shocked. I wasn’t aware that Orbitz, the online travel company, was geared towards one demographic–ie. straight people. Is it then geared towards straight, white people? Where’s BlackOrbitz or AsianOrbitz? In reality, we know that even an obviously out-of-the-loop company like Orbitz isn’t going to go that far and produce either of those sites. People would be absolutely outraged. Because really, segregation is just another form of discrimination, right? And what exactly is a “gay vacation” GayOrbitz? What’s a “straight vacation?” Apparently I’m not with it because I have no idea or Orbitz is really, really not with it. What’s next? Gay schools, gay restrooms, gay restaurants? Straight schools, straight restrooms, straight restaurants? Darn, I think I just scratched my Beatles album and these bell bottoms are giving me a fit…



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