I launched a new blog. This one will stay active and my 365 project will forge on. However, I wanted to start a new project–a 30 by 30 project. Basically it’s a bucket list for the end of your twenties. I have three years to accomplish 30 things before my thirtieth birthday. Some are simple, others more complicated and some are travel oriented. The idea is to accomplish things before your more mature and responsibility-laden 30s take over. Sounds fun, right? Feel free to jump on the bandwagon. Twenty before 20, 40 before 40, 50 before 50, etc. Age is only a number. I’m sure everyone has something they’d like to do before their next decade. And visit my new blog. I’ve added the link to my blogroll on the right of this blog.


One thought on “240.365.2

  1. Reverse Engineering says:

    Great concept! You’ve inspired me to start my own bucket list of __things to do/accomplish before I’m __;) I’ve found that things don’t usually get done unless I write them down. Otherwise they just stay in dream land.

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