Preparing to move is tough work. My office is switching locations next month, which means we all have to purge things we don’t need. Yes, I pretty much filled up both of these gigantic trash cans plus one more smaller one near my desk. And yes, I would’ve liked to recycle all of this paper, but the county where I work doesn’t recycle white paper yet and it didn’t make sense to haul of this stuff to my car, drive it an hour home to the dump near my house where I could recycle it and then haul it into the recycle bins. Talk about a mess. So it got tossed and now I’m pretty much ready to move. The stuff I kept can fit in a box or two and be moved to the new place next month.


One thought on “229.365.2

  1. Tena Carr says:

    know what you mean with idea of purging unwanted stuff. Even though I work from home (well not “work” technically as I don’t have an actual job – but volunteer stuff), I go through times where I have to go through all our paperwork, etc and get rid of the old stuff. Thankfully it isn’t done very often

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