I had the house to myself tonight so I decided to get some Pinterest organization projects done. I made a “kitchen command center” which is basically an organizer for all the stuff that finds its way to the kitchen table. I couldn’t find the file box that I wanted so I made one out of a priority mail box. Inside are folders to seperate out bills, coupons, etc. On the front is a calendar to keep track of appointments, birthdays, due dates, etc. I absolutely love calendars and have multiple ones that I use daily. I also keep a planner in my purse that I use religiously. In addition to the command center, I also organized my makeup brushes and other pieces into these super cute little boxes I found for $0.99 each at Joanns. In addition, I made a reusable grocery checklist and stuck it to the fridge. It uses white board markers so I can wipe it off and reuse it week to week. Earlier today when I was shopping for my project supplies, I nabbed some awesome deals at Target. I had coupons for certain brands of apparel and was able to match those up with clearance finds. Target has tons of clearance clothes and shoes right now. I guess they are trying to make room for fall stuff so now is a great time to go if you’re looking for deals. Overall today was a pretty successful day and that was after working all day. To finish it off, I just finished watching a completely ridiculous “scary” movie with Buddy and now it’s off to bed in my nice clean sheets, which I washed today. Yay!

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