The best thing about barbecue restaurants is you can color on the tables. This is my masterful creation at dinner tonight before heading to a play I have to review for work. Post-play things were not quite so cheerful as a crazy storm blew through the area. The power went out at the end of the play and there were downed trees everywhere. One almost fell on my car. I watched it fall and it hit mere inches from the driver’s side. It’s a good thing there wasn’t a car in the opposite lane or it would have landed on it. God was definitely looking out. If all that wasn’t enough I then got behind a driver that I’m pretty sure was drunk judging by how he drove on the center line basically the whole way. Then when I finally make it home there’s a huge limb in the driveway that has to be moved. I’m just happy to have made it home and hope everyone else is safe as well.