A new magazine came in the mail yesterday. I get all of these free magazine subscriptions because freebie blogs I follow post links to them all the time. “Everyday Food” came for the first time yesterday and “OK” came today. I’ll probably get more use out of the food magazine because I love trying new recipes whereas I’m not that into tabloids. I used to be super into them a few years back, but that was before I learned that most of what’s printed is total crap. As an actual journalist (as in employed by a real newspaper) I’m appealed that these people get paid to make things up. In my business there is no such thing as an anonymous source and that’s all tabloids use. Anonymous source is basically synonymous with made up quote, except in legal situations and then the source is still given some reference, but not enough to specifically name them. Plus, tabloids employ paparazzi, many of whom will go so far as to stalk a celebrity’s toddler at school to get a shot. That’s sick. So I think I’ll actually read the food magazine whereas I’ll just laugh at the ridiculousness that fills the pages of the tabloid.


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