The best thing about barbecue restaurants is you can color on the tables. This is my masterful creation at dinner tonight before heading to a play I have to review for work. Post-play things were not quite so cheerful as a crazy storm blew through the area. The power went out at the end of the play and there were downed trees everywhere. One almost fell on my car. I watched it fall and it hit mere inches from the driver’s side. It’s a good thing there wasn’t a car in the opposite lane or it would have landed on it. God was definitely looking out. If all that wasn’t enough I then got behind a driver that I’m pretty sure was drunk judging by how he drove on the center line basically the whole way. Then when I finally make it home there’s a huge limb in the driveway that has to be moved. I’m just happy to have made it home and hope everyone else is safe as well.




I shot Mud Camp today for work and, yes, it’s exactly like it sounds–a camp featuring mud. The children spend six hours each day for a week participating in mud-based activities about a mile into the woods. Today they played some sort of sumo mud wrestling game with a large ball in a pit of mud before taking a creek hike. I bailed out of the hike because I had another camp to shoot, but I got muddy enough for my taste. I’m sure I left a mud trail everywhere I went today until I was able to come home and wash my shoes off. And they’re still not totally clean. But the kids seem to love the mud and of course they all want to hug you because you’re fairly clean. That was not going to happen.


My church is holding Vacation Bible School this week and tonight, I went to take pictures of all the children. The pictures will become part of their Samaritan’s Purse boxes, which the children fill up with toiletries and other goodies for needy children around the globe. The theme of VBS this year is “Amazing Wonders” and features amazing locations throughout the world like Mt. Vesuvius, the Northern Lights, etc. This is one of the rooms which is themed like a shipwreck. The entrance of the room is done like a ship and the back of the room is decorated like the ocean. A lot of time and effort goes into making VBS a special experience for the children that attend and it seems like they are really having a great time and learning a lot.



A new magazine came in the mail yesterday. I get all of these free magazine subscriptions because freebie blogs I follow post links to them all the time. “Everyday Food” came for the first time yesterday and “OK” came today. I’ll probably get more use out of the food magazine because I love trying new recipes whereas I’m not that into tabloids. I used to be super into them a few years back, but that was before I learned that most of what’s printed is total crap. As an actual journalist (as in employed by a real newspaper) I’m appealed that these people get paid to make things up. In my business there is no such thing as an anonymous source and that’s all tabloids use. Anonymous source is basically synonymous with made up quote, except in legal situations and then the source is still given some reference, but not enough to specifically name them. Plus, tabloids employ paparazzi, many of whom will go so far as to stalk a celebrity’s toddler at school to get a shot. That’s sick. So I think I’ll actually read the food magazine whereas I’ll just laugh at the ridiculousness that fills the pages of the tabloid.



Okay the box of cones said mini, not fun size. What the heck am I supposed to do with these? I guess they might make a top hat for a turkey cupcake or something at Thanksgiving, but they definitely won’t satisfy my craving for an ice cream cone. To make do, tonight I crushed up these three in a bowl and added ice cream on top, but it wasn’t the same. Not even close.



Someone is a little sacked out so I couldn’t get a great post-grooming session photo, but if you can tell Buddy is now pretty much hairless. We had him cut short to help with the heat. I actually prefer him to be shaggier, but with the rising summer temperatures he was just uncomfortable. Now he has really short hair, plus he’s super clean and smells great. I think he’ll be much happier and it’ll grow back, probably pretty fast. It’s amazing how small he looks without all of his hair. He’s tiny.



Tonight I tried a new shrimp recipe courteousy of Pinterest. You melt a stick of butter in a pan, add lemon slices, fresh shrimp and then sprinkle on Italian seasoning. It was pretty good, albeit a little too lemony for me. To go with it, I made rice and hush puppies. All in all it was a great dinner and something different for a change.



Someone’s hair has gotten a little crazy lately. I made him a grooming appointment three weeks ago and the soonest I could get was Sunday. They also had Thursday but that didn’t work because it was in the morning. It seems like since I made the appointment, his hair has massively grown in every direction. Since it’s summer, we’re going to get it cut shorter than we would normally would so he’ll be more comfortable in the heat. I hate dropping him off at places like the groomer’s though. Although last time he made friends with the other dogs and possibly a lady friend in the form of a little Westie, so he probably actually enjoys his haircuts.



I finally got a chance to clean out my drawer tonight. I wish I would have taken a picture of how it was before. To put it lightly, it was a total wreck. I was able to weed out lots of pieces that I don’t wear anymore for one reason or another. A handful of them will be taken to Goodwill and the others will be put on eBay. My clothes are nice because I really take care of them so lots of times I’m able to resell them. That way they go off to a good home and I get a little cash to put towards new pieces. I used to buy lots of pieces each season but now I’ll pick up a few things if I find a great deal. I never pay full price for anything and always buy things on sale. By cleaning out the drawers and closet I find all sorts of great things I already had and overlooked so I really don’t need anything. And the old pieces I choose to part ways with find new homes with people who’ll hopefully love them and wear them.