After a quick hour at an overly crowded pool, Ron and I went to Sweetfrog. For those of you unfamiliar with the amazingness of Sweetfrog, it’s a frozen yogurt shop where about a dozen flavors are in slurpee style machines built into the wall. And the business is Christian-based. Frog is an acronym for “fully rely on God.” After filling your cup with the flavor/flavors of your choice, you can then add a wide variety of different toppings including fruit and candy. As you can see, I got the strawberry flavor and added sprinkles and a few Sour Patch. Ron always shakes his head at me because not only do I use a bazillion sprinkles, but I also fill my cup to the brim and you pay based on weight. Oops! I’m really not good with food/dessert that’s charged based on weight. The same thing happens at Wegmans and I end up paying $15 for a styrofoam container of Chinese food. I’m much better with things that have flat rate prices.


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