Buddy had a long day. This morning, a refridgerator magnet kept falling off the fridge, and since Buddy shares my feelings about the closet Wookie, he growled at it for hours. Then, he had a vet visit this afternoon. Unlike some dogs, Buddy actually likes the vet. He whines at the door until they finally let him in the back for his appointment. Today, he had to get two shots and some routine blood work. We also received some advice on a recent behavior issue. Lately, Buddy doesn’t want to go outside. He’ll go, very reluctantly when you make him, but otherwise he’ll plant his feet and just look at you. He hasn’t always been this way; he actually likes going outside. The vet said something must have scared him so we’ll have to turn going outside back into something fun either through treats, toys or petting. Hopefully that’ll fix the problem and he’ll be back to loving outside.


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