I will never, ever, ever let myself get sunburnt again. This isn’t even sunkissed, this is fried. Since I for burnt Friday, my sunburn has gone from bad to worse. First it was my face, now it’s my arms. The entire time, my arms have hurt, but I didn’t think too much of it. Let me let you on on something I didn’t know–don’t go to the gym when you have a bad sunburn. The burn inhibits your body’s ability to cool itself, apparently, which results in some kind of weird, blistery rash on the burnt areas. It’s terrible. Had I known that before hand, I wouldn’t have gone to the gym. Now I’m just hoping it goes away soon and this whole thing heals quickly. In the meantime, I’m alternating between benadryl, aloe gel and aloe lotion. And I won’t make the mistake of not putting on sunscreen again.


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