Today, Ron and I went out for breakfast before coming back and hanging out on the beach for a few hours. Sadly, we didn’t put on sunscreen soon enough and got pretty burnt. After the beach, we checked out Morehead City and then headed to Beaufort, the state’s third oldest town and the setting of novels like, “A Walk to Remember.” The town has a historic waterfront which is pretty awesome. The houses are older, southern style homes with lots of porches, which I love, so we walked the waterfront, enjoying the view and the architecture. We also went in a few shops just looking around. After Beaufort, we came back, picked up Buddy some fancy, schmancy treats and saw “The Lucky One” at the local theater. I was shocked to find it was a cash only complex–very unusual in this plastic day and age–and there were no cup holders. But the place was really clean–also unusual in this day and age–and the movie was great. Definitely worth the $8 a ticket, which is way cheaper than at home. For dinner we ordered in pizza from a local pizzeria and watched the Vampire Diaries episode I missed yesterday.


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