Okay, so I finished the Hunger Games last week and saw the movie over the weekend. Now I’ve moved on to book two. I had to wait until Sunday to start it so I could download it for free from Amazon Prime. I haven’t had much time to read though so I’m only on chapter two. But seriously (spoiler alert) she still isn’t with Gale?!? And she has to go traipsing through the districts with lame ole Peeta?!? And it’s not like she can ditch him since President Snow is going to take out Gale and her whole family if she does. I have a prediction for this whole thing. I think someone is going to figure out that the districts are really some large area roped off in the middle of civilization. That’s why you can’t travel from district to district. Also there had to be a reason the one girl and boy were punished for trying to escape and why the districts are roped off from the woods with electric fences. This thing is going to end up very M. Night Shamalan’s “The Village.” A bunch of uber-oppressed people living on the cusp of civilization, but held too captive by their governing body to notice it.


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