Today, my free Target beauty bag came in the mail. Last month, Target was giving the bags away via its Target Style Facebook page. I was able to sign up for one before the maximum number was handed out. The bag contained a ton of free samples along with some great coupons. I’m so glad I was able to get one. I saw that they were being offered again earlier this week, but they went pretty fast. I’m not sure if they’ll be offered again but you could check the sample spot section of the Target website and the Target Style Facebook page.




Buddy had his first trip downtown today and he loved it. He sniffed around, tried to play with all the other dogs and explored everything. I think we’ll definitely have to take him back.



Ron and I had to go out tonight to take a movie back to the blockbuster box. I didn’t want to pay an additional night for Chipwrecked. Yes, that is what we rented, with a free code of course. Don’t judge. While at the grocery store, where the box is located, we picked up little baby Skinny Cow ice cream cups. The picture makes it look big, but it’s actually tiny, probably about the size of a regular scoop. I guess that’s how they keep it skinny.



I’ve been loading up on the freebies lately. I’ve gotten a full size Mio, a cologne sample, two lotion samples, miracle whip, toothpaste, glass wipes and more just by signing up for free offers. I have a lot more stuff on the way as well. It’s nice when the mailbox has good stuff in it instead of just bills.



I will never, ever, ever let myself get sunburnt again. This isn’t even sunkissed, this is fried. Since I for burnt Friday, my sunburn has gone from bad to worse. First it was my face, now it’s my arms. The entire time, my arms have hurt, but I didn’t think too much of it. Let me let you on on something I didn’t know–don’t go to the gym when you have a bad sunburn. The burn inhibits your body’s ability to cool itself, apparently, which results in some kind of weird, blistery rash on the burnt areas. It’s terrible. Had I known that before hand, I wouldn’t have gone to the gym. Now I’m just hoping it goes away soon and this whole thing heals quickly. In the meantime, I’m alternating between benadryl, aloe gel and aloe lotion. And I won’t make the mistake of not putting on sunscreen again.



On Sunday, Target gave away free reusable bags in celebration of Earth Day. They run out pretty fast and since Ron and I were traveling back from Emerald Isle, we didn’t get to Target in time to get one. However, I did get a free Gud sample and two sweet coupon books with tons of great Target coupons. The one also had some recipes in it that I plan to try out. Coupons and free samples excite me.



Tonight, Ron and I went to the Wizards versus Bobcats game. The tickets were my Valentine’s Day present from him since I’m a Bobcats fan (yeah, I know). The seats were super close and the game wasn’t bad. The Bobcats lost, but I know they’ll have their year. Then everyone will be like “I’m such a Bobcats fan” and I’m going to lay the smack down.



This stuff is my new best friend. I got so burnt at the beach. I’m usually really good about sunscreen, but I really dropped the ball Friday. The day started out cloudy, so I didn’t put it on right away even though I know clouds can be deceiving. Then, when I did put it on it was too late. Now I’m suffering and applying my aloe, which I have stored in the fridge so it’s nice and cold when it goes on.


Today, Ron and I headed out to Harker’s Island and took the ferry to the Cape Lookout National Seashore. We’ve visited all four lighthouses in the Outer Banks, so we thought we’d add the Cape Lookout Lighthouse to our list. It’s pretty amazing. You take a ferry, which is a small boat for about 10 people, and doesn’t allow cars. The ferry takes you to either Shackleford Banks or Cape Lookout. We dropped a couple off at Shackleford Banks and got a glimpse of the wild Banker ponies that inhabit the island. Then we headed over to Cape Lookout. You come in on the sound side and then can walk across the island to the ocean side. The lighthouse itself was closed for climbing and doesn’t  open until May 16, but we were able to read all about it, check it out and visit the old lightkeeper’s quarters. After that, we headed to the ocean side of the island. It’s an uninhabited beach. There’s no homes, no businesses and the only cars are owned by the National Park Service. It was great. We’ll probably definitely go back and plan to make more of a day of it. Maybe bring a cooler, food, chairs, etc. It would be a great place to spend a day on the beach. You can also camp on Cape Lookout if you want. There was a group that rode the ferry with us that had planned to camp, but because of storms moving in, couldn’t because the ferry wouldn’t be able to pick them up tomorrow. We stayed a few hours at Cape Lookout and then headed back to Emerald Isle. We stopped at a Bojangles along the way, because we’ve passed them constantly for the last few days. The chicken was really good. I can see why they’re so popular. Tomorrow we head home, and it’s supposed to rain all day, so I guess that’s a good time to leave the beach. I’m praying for safe travels for both us and everyone else traveling tomorrow.