Yes, I am reading The Hunger Games. No, I’m not just reading it because everyone else. I’m actually intrigued by the story. The whole premise is taken straight out of one of my favorite short stories, “The Lottery.” That’s the English major in me. If you’ve never read “The Lottery,” you should. It’s about this town that each year selects one citizen as a sacrifice. The 12 districts of Panem also select their own each year as a sacrifice. Pretty similar, right? In “The Lottery,” the person chosen is stoned to death in order to ensure there will be a plentiful harvest. In “The Hunger Games,” the chosen are sacrificed at the hands of the others with the winner earning good for its district–a plentiful harvest of sorts. I rented “The Hunger Games,” Saturday afternoon on my Kindle (thanks Amazon Prime) and I’m about 65% through it. When I finish I plan to see the movie, because from the previews, it looks like they pretty much honor the book.


One thought on “85.365.2

  1. accountablemoo says:

    I have always loved “The Lottery”. It makes you think. I get to pick up “The Hunger Games” tomorrow from the library, finally. I’ve been on the waiting list for months! Glad you’re enjoying it!

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