I shot my first pageant for work tonight. This isn’t my favorite photo from the night, and it lost a little quality because I emailed it to myself from work, but I usually don’t mix my work photos with non-work photos. Also, I’m an over-shooter, not wanting to miss anything, so I shot 336 pictures in a two hour period.  I blame my high school photojournalism teacher. She said you should always take a ton of shots; “out of 100 pictures,” she said, “you may have one great one that makes them all worth it.” I can say out of 336 pictures, I have a whole lot more than just one great one and that’s straight out of the camera. I don’t get into a ton of editing. Anyone can spend time editing a photo to make it great. The really great ones need no editing at all. Just like anyone can take a decent picture with a fancy camera, but the really good ones can take a great photo with a simple, bare-bones style point-and-shoot.


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