Gas prices are ridiculous. I’m sure President Obama will magically decide to release oil from our reserves this summer after the gas prices hit an all time high. Then he’ll look like a hero right around the time the election is really heating up. Hmm…interesting. I say release it now or find a way to decrease our dependency on foreign oil. I’m not saying lets kill the fishes by drilling, but we’ve got to have some options somewhere. Isn’t Texas supposed to be the land of the oil tycoons? (Yes I’m probably getting that info from TV Land.)  But Americans are suffering. I remember last year when I would see cars everywhere that had run out of gas or go to the pumps and the person before me had only gotten $5 worth of gas. It needs to be fixed. Maybe the people who make the money from the rising gas prices can take a paycut or furlough. Lots of other people are. I’m not in an area where I can be super green and walk everywhere or ride a scooter or bicycle. Taking a scooter or bicycle an hour to work on rural back roads is not going to happen. I’d never make it. Our elected officials need to fix the problem and not just to boost their campaigns. And while they’re at it, let’s do something about the student loan debt crisis. You want to hold an office, offer real solutions and follow through with them. Earn your votes.


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