Meet puppy. Yeah we haven’t picked a name yet but I picked him up this morning and brought him home. I had a meeting tonight so I went to work late to help him get adjusted. We seem to have the jackpot in shelter dogs. He’s super friendly, playful and doesn’t seem to have any weird quirks so far. He also seems to be crate trained, housebroken and knows some commands. I have to take him back on Wednesday to get neutered and since he likes to ride in the driver’s lap in the car, I need to get him one of those collapsible crates to go in the back of the car so he has a nice stable place to ride. He did okay on the ride home today but because of his shots or nervousness he puked in the floorboard. No harm, no foul as it’s all clean now and I really can’t hold it against him since his last ride was to the pound.


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