I’m obsessed with Longhorn. The salmon is amazing. (Sorry the picture is dark, but I didn’t want to ruin the ambiance from the little lamp at our table with my blinding flash.) I am not, however, obsessed with the woman at the table near ours. She actually said when she moves here she was shocked to find Copperheads were here and Black Widows as well. “You didn’t tell me about this before I moved here?” and “Where did we move, Africa?” were two of her exact phrases. I understand you walk your dog, but no you didn’t move to Africa. If so, I think you’d probably be more concerned with a lion eating your dog than a spider biting it. I feel kind of bad busting on her, I know it’s not very nice because I don’t know her, but she should think about how she sounds. And if she thinks Virginia is Africa where did she live before? A bubble?


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