In the middle of the night, Ron and I heard a loud noise, but thinking it was a dream, or possibly an aftershock, I went back to sleep. Well, when Ron opened the closet this morning, this is what awaited him. I can see the shelf falling off the wall, but not crushing in the middle. The heavy stuff we have hanging is actually on the outer edges and some towels shouldn’t make it crush like this. It’s almost like there was something really heavy sitting on top of the shelf that broke it. It ripped some of the pegs out of the wall, while others are still attached. So now I’m convinced we have a wooky of some sort. Either Thursday or Friday night, we heard a loud crash and a holder had came off the fridge. It’s a little magnetic thing that holds white board markers. Well the magnets were still on the fridge, but the holder had fallen off and was across the kitchen. Yesterday morning a Pyrex dish fell off the counter and broke and I also noticed a storage bag that was attached to the wall in the closet had came off a few days ago. It’s not unusual for 3m hooks to come off the wall, but this one had torn paint off the wall when it came off, indicating it was attached pretty well. Needless to say, if my furniture starts moving around the room or gets sucked into the ceiling, or if my nieces and nephews start acting sketch talking to random things and jumping off the landing, I’m moving.


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