My coupon stash is nice and full again. After the holidays, it had gotten low because a lot of coupons had expired and very few new ones are released in December. Now, with the new year, tons of coupons are coming out and they’re actually pretty good. Since a common New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, companies recognize this and put healthy food on sale while also releasing coupons to match. I’m not coupon crazy. I don’t stockpile, although I probably would on some things if I had the space. I only buy what we use and try to match sales and coupons accordingly. If you’ve never couponed you should try it. It does save some money and it isn’t all that hard. A site like “Living Rich With Coupons” is a good little starter. The most important thing is to plan ahead. Match the sales with the coupons, taking extras along in case something else is on sale that wasn’t advertised. Don’t be one of those women taking up a whole aisle while you flip through your binder getting organized. Saving money is great, annoying other shoppers isn’t.

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