Today I went with my mom and my nephew to view the local gingerbread contest entries. They had pieces by people of all ages, but this was one of my favorites. It was in the 18 and over category and is kind of simple, but creative at the same time. Another woman there who was a tourist I guess since she came for the history about George Washington and not the gingerbread, didn’t like it. She told the woman she was with that she wasn’t interested in things made by adults. She also said the town was a dump so she was just a ray of sunshine. But I appreciate anyone who has the time and talent to enter the contest regardless of their age. I didn’t see her trying to do any better.


One thought on “361.365

  1. cfbookchick says:

    There is such a lack of common courtesy any more. It makes me sad that someone was so unthinking and so uncaring of the feelings of others. I am sure that woman has a mansion up high on a hill so that she can look down her nose at everyone below. And that is just plain mean of me to say too. So I will ask for forgiveness. But I am still not going to erase it!

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