Ron said it was weird to be taking a picture in the restaurant, but the place we eat at, Ledo’s, has the cutest reindeer as part of their holiday display. I love them. Also, I really appreciate any business that dresses itself up for the holidays. Since being at the beach last weekend, I’ve noticed that all the businesses down there are super festive and have tons of lights and decorations, whereas here at home very few have anything up at all. It’s kind of depressing. Maybe they fear that they’ll turn off their non-Christian customers, but I think that’s crap. It’s Christmas. If I’m not trying to decorate you, why should you care if I decorate my business?  I’m not offended by menorahs and dreidels. Ramadan doesn’t make me angry and I support Kwanzaa, so don’t knock on Christmas lights. Isn’t our country based on religious freedom? Let’s not lose sight of that. Merry Christmas!

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