I witnessed the worst thing today. On the way home from work, I passed by something in the road thrashing and moving around. Thinking it could be a hurt animal, I turned around and went back. By the time I got back, the cat was dead. It didn’t have a collar that I could see so I’m guessing it was a stray. I guess someone in front of me had hit it and didn’t have the decency to check if it was okay or someone after me hit it after it had already been hit. As I was passing by, I spotted a little black kitten heading up the side of the road in the direction of the cat. I live maybe a minute from the scene so I came home to grab a box for the kitten. By the time I got back, I couldn’t find it anywhere. I hope someone else picked it up because it’s cold outside and who knows how old the kitten is. It’s so terrible that people don’t care more about animals. How can anyone abandon an animal? I hate that people don’t take better care of animals and I hate that people don’t care enough about them to not hit them in the road. I understand accidents happen, but then you take responsibility for them. You don’t leave an animal to die in the road. That’s so disgusting. I hope whoever did it feels terrible.


One thought on “345.365

  1. cfbookchick says:

    I have three abandoned cats living in my home, they are now members of my family, and my dog, a black lab that the breeder didn’t sell early enough was neglected and mostly bald from flea infestation when we rescued her.
    God bless you for taking time for one of his creatures.

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