This is my fun little turkey that I have hanging from the chandelier-ish lamp in my living room. I’ll probably take him down this weekend during the Thanksgiving to Christmas conversion, so I thought I would get his picture first. The real picture for today should have been the amazing deer I saw on the way home. She was standing right next to the road in someone’s front yard, about 25 feet from their front door. She saw me coming and just stood there staring at me. I let her go across the road, not really wanting her to decide to move when I drove by, and she just took her time walking across before she entered another yard between two houses. Pretty crazy how calm she was considering it’s hunting season, but hanging out in people’s front yards in town is a good way to avoid being someone’s “prize” of the day. After that, it was pretty much animal planet all the way home. I saw a fox, a raccoon, an opossum, a cat, some unidentified animal because it ran across the road too fast, and then four more deer. I started to worry that I had crossed into the twilight zone and when I got home there would be mice washing my dishes, ala Cinderella style. But really, how sweet would that be? I think I’ve been watching too  much “Once Upon a Time”….


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