Not only do I have $30 in Super Cash, which is a total knock off of Kohls Cash by the way, but I also just found out I have $30 in rewards that I had no idea about. And the two are able to be combined. I’m going to clean up on some Christmas shopping at Old Navy tomorrow. I know it goes against my Black Friday Christmas shopping plan, but with the discounts, it’ll offset any of the great deals I would have gotten on Black Friday. Plus, one of my discounts conveniently expires before Friday, those clever little Old Navians. And, at least I won’t have to fight all the other people who plan to attend Gobble-palooza at midnight on Black Friday. I can now concentrate on Walmart, Target and Kohls which are all located in the same vicinity to each other. I can then come home in the wee hours of the morning, get some sleep, and head back out to the mall. Score! Hey…don’t judge me!