I went to Old Navy today, which is really somewhere I rarely go. I usually go in maybe once or twice a year, aside from Black Friday. I’ve been wanting a new coat though and they usually have a great selection, so I went today. Right now, it’s Stuff and Save time. The idea is you get a discount on every item you can stuff in a bag, even things that are already on sale. It used to be that you legitimately had to stuff everything in a bag–of their choosing of course–to get the discount, which you only got if you used your Old Navy card to make the purchase. If it didn’t fit, you didn’t get a discount. Now they’ve become a little lax. As long as you have the Stuff and Save coupon and you use your Old Navy card, you get the discount. I was able to get the coat I wanted, originally $79 for $39. It was on sale for 30 percent off and then using my coupon, I saved another 30 percent off the sale price. Total, I was able to get the coat, three long sleeve shirts, a pullover for Ron, a Christmas present, a fur lined hoodie and a pair of pajama pants for $123. Total, I saved $128. Plus, I got my free reusable Stuff and Save bag, which they give you now instead of making you actually stuff it, which I can use for groceries or whatever. And, on top of that, I got $30 cash back to be used next month on a $60 purchase, sort of like Kohls Cash. I can use that for Christmas shopping. I’d say it was a pretty successful trip. Anytime I can get a bargain, I will. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had went last night. The Stuff and Save didn’t come in the mail until yesterday evening and the sale started yesterday. Because it was the first day, if I had gone last night, I would have saved 40 percent off every item instead of 30, which could have cut my bill by approximately $20. It was rainy though, and I didn’t feel like going all the way to Old Navy. I still did pretty good though.


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