I got some new books in the mail yesterday. I was originally going to buy them at a local bookstore, but they were too expensive, especially when I could order them online for way less. So I turned to my trusty Amazon and I ordered them at a lower price and got free shipping. I can’t wait to read them and will do so right after I finish the Food, Inc. book I borrowed from the library. I’d rather not get another sorta-lecture from the librarian regarding fines, which are only $3 and some change. If the library accepted anything other than cash they’d probably get more people to pay their fines. Not knowing I had any I didn’t have cash on me to pay them. And she was kind of loud about it, listing out the amounts and what the books were, so that didn’t exactly make me want to bend over backwards to pay them.


2 thoughts on “294.365

  1. cfbookchick says:

    Okay,as a librarian and further, a circulation supervisor, I have to put my two cents in here about your library not accepting debit for payment. It is because your library is charged for every single transaction. By law, businesses are not allowed to limit transaction amounts for business patrons, so when those inevitable patrons come in who want to pay the 25¢ fine with the debit (at my library, they have asked to pay 10¢ fines with debit!)? The library is paying more for that transaction than the fine amount. We operate on very limited budgets and at a time when we are cutting staff and programming, it doesn’t make sense to pay that much for debit transactions.

    And now I am off my soap box and want to know what Devoted is about!

    • cfbookchick says:

      However, your librarian was a poop head about your fines – she never should have handled it like that. She should have discretely printed out a receipt that let you know what the fines were and due to privacy issues, should have not spoken so anyone could hear her! And do they not accept checks at your library? If not, they really should.

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