Okay so if my yogurt doesn’t learn to play by the rules and keep a good date I’m going to stop buying it. But let’s be honest, I can sometimes be cheap. Not thrifty, not price savvy. Cheap. So here I am with yogurt slightly after its “best by” date and I’m Googling to see if I can eat it. I mean it really is a “best by” date. It doesn’t say “expired by” or “if you eat this after now you’ll die.” Sadly, the website I found different reference yogurt specifically, but it did share my thoughts on the whole “best by” thing. You see that little gem here:http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/Articles/Nutrition-Health-Food-Labeling-646/food-expiration-dates.aspx And really what’s the worst that could happen? I eat my slightly sketchy creamsicle yogurt and earn a day, or two, off work. Sounds like a win win. And I get to save my money by not throwing the yogurt away, which was on sale for all of a dollar. Plus, I can make a statement about consumerism in the U.S. and whatever other “stances” I care to add.


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