I had my first McDonalds tonight in months, probably close to a year. I’m not a big McDonalds eater. I used to be, but I mean let’s be honest, you really don’t know where that stuff comes from. I try not to eat too much fast food period. When I do it’s usually Chic-fil-a or Wendy’s. I’m not sure why, but they just seem healthier than the other two.


One thought on “287.365

  1. cfbookchick says:

    On our way to Detroit yesterday, my son snapped a photo of a very old McDonald’s arch – note, not archES, just a single arch. It was pretty neat looking and I am glad they didn’t change it with the times.
    That said, I visit McDonald’s just about every morning… For a mocha latte. Surprisingly, the quality is quite good and the price is much better than at my local coffee shop!

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