Interesting holiday layout. Why can’t we just let things come when they do? Why does everything have to be so rushed? Christmas, a least the kind materialistic society is worried with, is just one day. I highly doubt when stores start stocking lights and garland in October that they are thinking about anything to do with the nativity. Why don’t the other holidays get equal play? Why is it all about Christmas? My guess is it has to do with money and since Christmas is associated with presents, it rakes in more money than the other holidays so it gets more of a focus. I for one would rather see each holiday get equal time. I don’t want my Halloween candy mingling with the plastic snowmen. And poor Thanksgiving gets forgotten about completely. After Halloween, the Thanksgiving stuff should come up and then the Christmas stuff. It seems like more and more every year Christmas starts edging in earlier and earlier. Pretty soon, it’s going to be the only holiday we have left.


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