It’s finally here! Happy Halloween! It seems like this holiday took forever to get here and a busy one it was. I covered a court case, worked all day, covered a town’s Halloween celebration and then helped out with my church’s Trunk or Treat. And that’s all before coming home and doing more work. But, even with all the craziness, I still really enjoyed Halloween. It’s such a great holiday. The decorations are fun, the candy is great, there’s lots of activities to choose from and everyone dresses as something they aren’t. It’s just a fun holiday that brings out the child in us all. Plus, now I can take down my Halloween decorations and replace them with my Thanksgiving stuff. And then it’s on to the best holiday of all, Black Friday! What, you thought I was going to say Christmas? That comes later.


Today, Ron and I went to a local pumpkin patch and picked pumpkins. Tonight, we carved them. I made the cat bat and he made the Redskins logo. I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years. To be honest, I really don’t like the goop. From childhood on, I’ve never enjoyed having dirty hands. I didn’t like playing with Play-doh when I was younger because it made my hands stink. It’s a quirk. So scooping out pumpkin guts isn’t on my list of fun things to do, but I actually really enjoyed it. And, my cat bat turned out pretty good as did his Redskins logo.


I went to Old Navy today, which is really somewhere I rarely go. I usually go in maybe once or twice a year, aside from Black Friday. I’ve been wanting a new coat though and they usually have a great selection, so I went today. Right now, it’s Stuff and Save time. The idea is you get a discount on every item you can stuff in a bag, even things that are already on sale. It used to be that you legitimately had to stuff everything in a bag–of their choosing of course–to get the discount, which you only got if you used your Old Navy card to make the purchase. If it didn’t fit, you didn’t get a discount. Now they’ve become a little lax. As long as you have the Stuff and Save coupon and you use your Old Navy card, you get the discount. I was able to get the coat I wanted, originally $79 for $39. It was on sale for 30 percent off and then using my coupon, I saved another 30 percent off the sale price. Total, I was able to get the coat, three long sleeve shirts, a pullover for Ron, a Christmas present, a fur lined hoodie and a pair of pajama pants for $123. Total, I saved $128. Plus, I got my free reusable Stuff and Save bag, which they give you now instead of making you actually stuff it, which I can use for groceries or whatever. And, on top of that, I got $30 cash back to be used next month on a $60 purchase, sort of like Kohls Cash. I can use that for Christmas shopping. I’d say it was a pretty successful trip. Anytime I can get a bargain, I will. The only thing that would have made it better is if I had went last night. The Stuff and Save didn’t come in the mail until yesterday evening and the sale started yesterday. Because it was the first day, if I had gone last night, I would have saved 40 percent off every item instead of 30, which could have cut my bill by approximately $20. It was rainy though, and I didn’t feel like going all the way to Old Navy. I still did pretty good though.




It should not be 47 degrees in October. And this was around noon. It was 41 degrees when I came home earlier tonight. The weather forecast is calling for snow in some areas. Snow! In October! How am I supposed to pick a pumpkin in the snow and rain? Augh! And, as a side thought, today is the 300th day of the year. Which means there’s only 60 some days before Christmas. Feel free to start panicking about your holiday shopping now. I usually get mine done on black Friday.



“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is a holiday classic. It isn’t Halloween until you watch Linus sit in the field all night waiting for the Great Pumpkin, see poor Charlie Brown get a rock while trick-or-treating and watch Snoopy fly his dog house. Its nice that even with all the new technology and 3d effects Charlie Brown never goes out of date.


I saw this tree as I was coming out a meeting for work. I like how it has different colors in it that seem to fade into each other, almost as if a child had colored it using crayons. I figured the next time I see it the leaves will be falling, so I should snap a photo of it while I can.




I arrived at work this morning only to realize I had forgotten my notebook. Since I work an hour away from home, its not like I could just go home, get it and bring it back.  I did everything I could without it before heading home at 3 pm to finish up everything else. I got started after 4 and just finished at 9. Augh! I definitely won’t be forgetting my notebook again any time soon.



Skillet spaghetti! My dad used to make this when I was younger. My mom would be at work and he would make this for dinner using leftover spaghetti and lots of cheese. I tried to recreate it tonight, and mine was pretty good, but it didn’t taste like dad’s. I don’t know if I should have used American cheese instead of Cheddar or what. It was still good, but not as good as his. I guess I’ll have to work at perfecting it.



I got some new books in the mail yesterday. I was originally going to buy them at a local bookstore, but they were too expensive, especially when I could order them online for way less. So I turned to my trusty Amazon and I ordered them at a lower price and got free shipping. I can’t wait to read them and will do so right after I finish the Food, Inc. book I borrowed from the library. I’d rather not get another sorta-lecture from the librarian regarding fines, which are only $3 and some change. If the library accepted anything other than cash they’d probably get more people to pay their fines. Not knowing I had any I didn’t have cash on me to pay them. And she was kind of loud about it, listing out the amounts and what the books were, so that didn’t exactly make me want to bend over backwards to pay them.