Perhaps it’s the child in me, but I really love the towel animals that cruise stewards make and leave on the bed every night. Tonight’s towel creation is two penguins in a pod. Last night, we had a monkey hanging from the ceiling, which is still there actually. We’ve also had a swan, an elephant, a frog, a pig and a dinosaur. I think the steward, Freddie, has realized how much I love my towel animals because a lot of times they will rework the previous night’s animal into something  new, but I still have the frog, pig, dinosaur and monkey, in addition to the new penguins. Sadly, I have to leave my little towel friends tomorrow, but I bought the book on a previous cruise so maybe I can recreate some of them. I’m going to miss the turndown service and twice a day room cleanings. I’m sure Ron will miss the mints on the pillow as well. Although I don’t see any tonight. I’m sure they are around here somewhere. Tomorrow morning we debark, after what has been an amazing vacation, and begin our journey home. The good news is we can take our time, since we don’t have to be home until Monday in order to go to work Tuesday. I’m glad we took this trip; it was such a great vacation, and I pray we, and everyone else, makes it home safely.


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