Today, Ron and I visited San Juan, Puerto Rico. We were in both the old and new parts of the city and I have to say, I absolutely love it. It’s warm, there are neat little streets and markets, it’s just amazing. Now, I have to admit this is my first time traveling somewhere that doesn’t have English as the primary language. Everything, from street signs to maps, are in Spanish in Puerto Rico. Which is interesting and difficult, at first, but then you find yourself taking on a Spanish accent and saying things like “Navidad” and “Calle.” I won’t really go into why we were trying to say Christmas except that Ron and I collect Christmas ornaments from everywhere we travel to. Poor lady had no idea what we were looking for and we didn’t remember “Navidad” until it was far too late. I’m really glad we got to experience a bit of what Puerto Rico has to offer. We toured the city and the Bacardi Distillery, which gave us a broader glimpse of the area as we traveled by bus to the factory. And our driver was amazing. She was full of good information and little trivia about Puerto Rico. Also, I love that you can be stopped at a red light and someone will come to your car selling donuts and bottled water. That’s something we should definitely start doing in the states. Forgot the drive-thru, all you have to do is obey traffic laws to buy a snack. Tomorrow we head to Grand Turk, but I definitely want to come back to Puerto Rico and spend more time here exploring all it has to offer.


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