As I mentioned a few posts ago, I recently got a new bag as a belated birthday gift. I hate spending money on stuff like this, but it was on sale and I got an extra 30% off. Basically, I got the crossbody bag I needed for our vacation for free so I really couldn’t hate on that. But I was in Joanns today and one of the workers walked by. She said “hmm, a purple coach bag. How nice.” I’m not sure how she meant it because it sounded a little smart. I’m not one to count anyone’s money and I feel like that’s what she was doing. Like she was judging me for my bag. I’m sure she didn’t know I got it at a factory store on sale with an extra coupon. It’s like a few months ago when I went into a Coach store, non-factory, and the sales clerk looked at my then bag and said “That’s an outlet bag.” Really? That’s your commission going down the drain because you obviously don’t get the clerk-customer relationship. Let’s not judge a person by their bag, mmkay? Or anything else they have that for that matter.


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