Ron and I did a little outlet shopping today. I wanted a new wristlet type wallet to take on our cruise this month. The one I had last year is really too small to hold my camera and a wallet, and when you’re on and off the ship, it’s best to be able to carry everything easily. I don’t want to lug around a huge bag. I ended up getting one of those crossbody bags that’s worn messenger bag style. It’s big enough to carry my camera, a small wallet and our passports. Plus, this year instead of a beach bag, I’m going to take my Jansport backpack which will be easier to carry sunscreen, towels, etc. I also picked up a new watch at Fossil, which was on sale from $39.99 down to $19.99. The last thing I want us to do is lose track of time and miss the ship. Then we’ll have to catch a flight to our next location to catch back up with the ship and that will be a major pain. My parents gave me a watch for my high school graduation which I really love, but unfortunately it’s gotten to where it will lose time. I’ve had the battery changed several times, but it doesn’t help. I still carry it in my bag, hoping I guess that it’ll fix itself. Besides those two items, I got a new bag as a belated birthday gift, Ron picked up some shirts and a book, and I got some candles using a $15 off $45 coupon. Many of the outlets are having Labor Day sales, so we really scored some great deals and didn’t spend a ton of money, which is always great. Tonight, we went to dinner with my parents which was nice. Usually we try to eat dinner with them, but they’ve already ate or we’ve already ate, so I’m glad it finally worked out. The food was really good too. With work, it’s hard to find time to spend time with my family so I’m always glad when I get the chance to. And I got to see Rags!


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