It was a toss-up today as to which picture I should post–Hurricane Irene damage or something to do with my birthday. I chose the birthday. Ron made me a cake today and my mom made me strawberry cupcakes. It was a nice birthday, minus that whole hurricane thing which actually cleared up early this morning giving way to sunny skies. Ron and I had lunch with my mom for my birthday, my dad was at work trying to hook people’s electricity back up. I feel bad for the people with no electricity, but I also think they don’t really understand what it takes to the power back on. It’s not as easy as flipping a switch, it takes time, energy and manpower. People have died as a result of Irene, homes have been destroyed and hundreds can’t even reach their homes due to flooding, so if the worst thing that’s happened to you is your electricity going out, count yourself as blessed. We actually didn’t lose power here, my parents did, but I made sure to be prepared in case we did. I had flashlights, candles, batteries, a radio, food and I filled up the bathtub with water. Hopefully, this is the last hurricane for a while and I’m sure it could have been way worse. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, I definitely feel blessed and loved, which I’m very grateful for and I had a great birthday. Also, I’m praying for all those affected by Irene.

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