I went to my favorite place today–Ikea! I had orginally planned on going Sunday, but with Irene coming, I decided today would be a better option. I only bought some small stuff–napkins, a door mat, candles, etc. I had hoped to get a new DVD case, and while I found one I liked, I couldn’t decide on it, so Ron and I figured we’d think about it and go back next weekend. Two Ikea trips in two weeks. Score! Plus, I wanted to hit up the mall and the Coach outlet, but I had a headache so I bailed on that. It’ll have to wait until next week. Hopefully, Irene won’t be too bad, but if it is, I’ve got water, non-perishables, candles, a flashlight and a radio. Plus, I plan on filling up the tub with water tomorrow so I can flush the toilet, because really, that’s just no fun. Hope everyone stays safe this weekend.


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