So it isn’t everyday that an earthquake originates in Central Virginia. I’m sitting in my office, on what was an exceptionally busy Tuesday trying to put two papers together, and all of a sudden everything starts shaking. We all just looked at each other, like what in the world, as dust and debris is falling out of the ceiling everywhere. Insane! My office isn’t too far from the epicenter and I’ve heard there was some legitimate damage nearby in Louisa and Culpeper. Also, my niece was super excited about starting school, but will have to wait another day as the schools will remain closed tomorrow. And if all that wasn’t enough, plus the aftershock that just rolled through during the last hour, hurricane Irene should be here this weekend. She’s expected to nail the Outerbanks as a catergory three and then decrease to a category one before hitting D.C. That’s not exactly how I planned on spending my birthday weekend, but I’m glad there were only a few injuries in today’s quake and that people are safe. I pray that everyone will stay safe as we face Irene this weekend. Maybe she’ll stay weak and head back out to sea. A person can hope.

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