We went to Otani tonight for Brittney’s birthday, Brittney being Ron’s sister and my sister-in-law and Otani being a Japanese steakhouse. Amazing as always. The food is great and it’s one of those places where the people cook in front of you, which adds to the meal. They do tricks, make volcanoes out of onions, hearts out of rice and juggle eggs, among other things. It’s fairly expensive, so we only hit it up on special occasions, but it’s definitely worth it. I told Ron tonight that I’m going to start cooking like that at home. I already make fried rice and terayaki chicken, and it gets better every time I do it. Fried rice looks easy, but it can be pretty tricky. Now, however, I’m going to need to add in some tricks. Next time I need to add an egg to something, I’m going to try to juggle them. The kitchen is going to be a mess! Also, Ron and I were watching Man Vs. Food the other night and the challenge was an omlet, so now I have to try that too. I’ve never made an omelet before so we’ll see how it goes. I mean, you’ll never know if you don’t try, right?


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