This is what my living room looks like when I’m scrapbooking. I was trying to organize my stickers in the process. I need a new way to store them because the box I have has gotten too small. Any suggestions?


So of course, when I’m super prepared, ala Hurricane Irene style, the power doesn’t go out and then when I’m not prepared at all, it does. Fortunately, I had candles and a fully charged book light so it was okay. And it only stayed off about an hour, which I can take, especially considering there are plenty of people who have been out of power for days now from Irene. I lit my candles, placed them throughout the apartment and caught up on my “Safe Haven” reading, which is a great book by the way. I hope everyone else is coping without their electricity. It’s nothing to get irritated over. People are working around the clock to get it back on so grab your book and relax.



As previously mentioned, I went to IKEA Friday. While there, I picked out new bed linens. I’ve had the previous ones for almost a year and I’m one of those people that needs a change every now and then which is so easy if you have a duvet. And now I can switch back and forth. It’s amazing how something as little as linens can refresh a room.


It was a toss-up today as to which picture I should post–Hurricane Irene damage or something to do with my birthday. I chose the birthday. Ron made me a cake today and my mom made me strawberry cupcakes. It was a nice birthday, minus that whole hurricane thing which actually cleared up early this morning giving way to sunny skies. Ron and I had lunch with my mom for my birthday, my dad was at work trying to hook people’s electricity back up. I feel bad for the people with no electricity, but I also think they don’t really understand what it takes to the power back on. It’s not as easy as flipping a switch, it takes time, energy and manpower. People have died as a result of Irene, homes have been destroyed and hundreds can’t even reach their homes due to flooding, so if the worst thing that’s happened to you is your electricity going out, count yourself as blessed. We actually didn’t lose power here, my parents did, but I made sure to be prepared in case we did. I had flashlights, candles, batteries, a radio, food and I filled up the bathtub with water. Hopefully, this is the last hurricane for a while and I’m sure it could have been way worse. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, I definitely feel blessed and loved, which I’m very grateful for and I had a great birthday. Also, I’m praying for all those affected by Irene.


 I filled up the bathtub this morning, in case the power went out from the lovely Hurricane Irene. So far, so good, but I’ve heard some reports that say the worst wind is supposed to start later tonight. At least it didn’t slam the Outer Banks as a category three like it was supposed to. Definitely praying for everyone down there and all those who have been, or will be, affected by this storm.


I went to my favorite place today–Ikea! I had orginally planned on going Sunday, but with Irene coming, I decided today would be a better option. I only bought some small stuff–napkins, a door mat, candles, etc. I had hoped to get a new DVD case, and while I found one I liked, I couldn’t decide on it, so Ron and I figured we’d think about it and go back next weekend. Two Ikea trips in two weeks. Score! Plus, I wanted to hit up the mall and the Coach outlet, but I had a headache so I bailed on that. It’ll have to wait until next week. Hopefully, Irene won’t be too bad, but if it is, I’ve got water, non-perishables, candles, a flashlight and a radio. Plus, I plan on filling up the tub with water tomorrow so I can flush the toilet, because really, that’s just no fun. Hope everyone stays safe this weekend.


My niece, Bri, started kindergarten today and just as expected, she rocked it. She was so excited this morning she didn’t want to take her book bag off to eat breakfast. She got on the bus with her cousin Madi and never looked back. Bri said she really liked it, she’s already made friends and she’s excited about going back tomorrow. I hope she always likes school that much and that everyone’s first days went just as smoothly as hers.


I’m working on a project for my niece’s birthday. She turns five in less than a month, so I have to get cracking on this thing. I figure if I can get the ground work done, I’ll be able to work on it hurricane or not, this weekend. Coincidentally, she starts school in the morning and she’s excited about it. She’s awesome so I’m sure she’ll have no problem. I’m excited for her and I wish her all the best. I know she’ll do great!


So it isn’t everyday that an earthquake originates in Central Virginia. I’m sitting in my office, on what was an exceptionally busy Tuesday trying to put two papers together, and all of a sudden everything starts shaking. We all just looked at each other, like what in the world, as dust and debris is falling out of the ceiling everywhere. Insane! My office isn’t too far from the epicenter and I’ve heard there was some legitimate damage nearby in Louisa and Culpeper. Also, my niece was super excited about starting school, but will have to wait another day as the schools will remain closed tomorrow. And if all that wasn’t enough, plus the aftershock that just rolled through during the last hour, hurricane Irene should be here this weekend. She’s expected to nail the Outerbanks as a catergory three and then decrease to a category one before hitting D.C. That’s not exactly how I planned on spending my birthday weekend, but I’m glad there were only a few injuries in today’s quake and that people are safe. I pray that everyone will stay safe as we face Irene this weekend. Maybe she’ll stay weak and head back out to sea. A person can hope.



This massive horsefly decided to catch a ride on my car this morning. He just sat there for probably 15 minutes letting the wind blow through his wings. Crazy bug.