Earlier this month, I saw something on FabFitFun about the best home workouts. Never one to shy away from a recommendation, I ordered Element Power Yoga on Amazon. It came in a few days ago, but I just now got the chance to try it. Not being someone who has done much yoga past that on the Wii Fit, I went into it with an open mind. And, it was super tough. I’m not a chant-y kind of person, so I have to say I found it difficult to get into the breathing and the occasional hum. However, the workout is amazing. I’m not ashamed to say I struggled. I’m beast at dragon and downward dog, but some of the other poses kicked my tail. Also, the core exercises are awesome. I loved those. It was more some of the standing on one leg with arms outstretched stuff that I almost flopped over on. And, never have I ever been able to do a split. Maybe I’ll learn though, because I completely plan on continuing with this workout. Now, could someone please scrape me off the floor? K, thanks!


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