So I housesitted for my parents this weekend and everything went great–until I walked into the bathroom this morning and found this. I’m not a spider person. However, I’m not so bad that I would kill one I see outside, but once you cross into my territory all bets are off. After screaming for what seemed like a few seconds, but was probably like a minute, I realized there was no way I was getting close enough to this to step on it. I went back into the kitchen and found two cans of insect spray, albeit neither one made for spiders. The better picture would have been me holding up the two cans of bug spray spraying the bathroom like a crazy person, but sadly no one else was there to capture that. After coating the spider with the flying insect spray, I then decided to back it up with the ant spray. That made him move! I went away to find something to beat him with and came back to find he had moved. Aah! I ended up squashing him with a Swiffer sweeper. I felt kind of bad about killing him, he may have had a family, but he shouldn’t have come into the house. And more importantly, how long had he been in the house and where before I actually spotted him? I’d rather not think about that.


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