I should probably first start off by saying, “No, I didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn to watch the wedding,” so if you expect this to be about how amazingly fantastic it was, you may want to find a different post. I’ve only caught some highlights including the balcony kisses. I’ve been complaining about this royal wedding nonsense for some time now, counting down the days until it was over not because I was throwing some massive princess-themed wedding, but rather because I’m sick of the press. I’m not anti-wedding. Actually, I like them. They seem like they truly love each other, are normal and don’t mind bucking tradition. I’m glad they get their moment. However, what is up with all of the press? Is nothing private and sacred anymore? I don’t care to know five things about Prince Harry’s date or Pippa, who’s gorgeous by the way, Mama Middleton has some great genes. I also don’t care to know what Kate gets now that she’s “bagged the prince,” what wares people are stumping (I mean really, Viagra laced beer?) or what Kate may have purchased for her honeymoon. Then there’s the really disgusting articles–the how “pure” is she stuff, how unattractive the 3-year-old frowning bridesmaid is (She’s three people!) and I’m pretty sure Star or US Weekly or one of those trash rags is claiming Kate is actually pregnant (the details will be released following the honeymoon). Where’s the privacy? Where’s the respect? If these two are so beloved by the people, why is everyone trying to make a cheap buck off them? Can’t people just be happy for them? Take a page from the British, be happy for themĀ and throw yourself an amazing street party to celebrate, but give up on the gossip. It’s disgusting and some things should be sacred for just them. I’m talking to you professional lip readers. If you have to dissect the tape, it wasn’t for you to hear.