At the beach on a mini-vacation! It’s been a long time since we’ve been anywhere and it’s so nice to come to the beach. This is a great time for it too, because everything is opening back up for the season. Summer is right around the corner. It’s supposed to be warm tomorrow and sunny. I can’t wait to lie around in the sun and read a book for hours. I hope the weather doesn’t let me down. We came to this hotel back in 2009 and it’s been completely remodeled since then. They took out one of the indoor pools and replaced it with a new restaurant and bar. The indoor lazy river/pool is still intact and a new lazy river with two water slides has been added outside. Also, all of the rooms have been completely redone, as well as the outdoor pool, hallways, etc. A movie theatre is a new addition as well as some sort of kids camp area. Definitely an improvement. I hope it’s nice tomorrow outside. Easter is supposed to be nice also. Mini-vacay will be dunzo by then.